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Uroš Begović
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Age: 31
Current Residence: Belgrade

I'm a comparative literature graduate and a librarian by profession, but what I do most of my life is draw. The main focus of my work is fan art, although I started out as a comic book author and still do some short comics occasionally. I hope you enjoy a visit to my gallery and thank you for commenting, giving a fave or just stopping by.

PLEASE DO NOT USE MY WORK TO PRINT AND SELL STUFF (t-shirts, beer bottle labels, DVD covers, posters, etc.). Please ask for permission first or at least credit the author properly. It feels pretty dumb finding out over the Internet that someone is making use of art that you created simply as a fan, out of your passion and without any financial gain in mind. Thank you!

You can also follow me at:



Trespasser: Jurassic Park by ubegovic
Trespasser: Jurassic Park
Portrait of Anne from 1998 survival horror game "Trespasser", done as a part of the Game-Art-HQ Group Project.

More on Trespasser fan-art with some additional pics on my Tumblr:…
Prisoner of Azkaban by ubegovic
Prisoner of Azkaban
A simple tribute to my favorite film from the series. Great production design, locations, costumes, choice of actors, musical score, overall atmosphere. I only wish it was a bit longer (Chamber of Secrets was) and that the script was more faithfull to the book. All in all, it was great seeing it with friends in cinema back in 2004!
(re)Work in Progress... by ubegovic
(re)Work in Progress...
A couple of my current works in progress.
By coincidence, both are updated versions of old works.
First one from 2010:…
Second one from 2009:…

Can't wait to finish the shading process!
Partibrejkers by ubegovic
A tribute to the cult Belgrade garage/blues/punk-rock band. The lyrics snippets were written in hand by my friends: Jana Aleksić, Bojana Janjić, Sonja Baltezarević, Ksenija Marković, Bojan Palikuća, Milutin Bešlić, Filip Janković and Miloš Dimitrijević. Thanks, guys!

FUN FACT: A couple of years ago, I found out over the internet that some guy stole this artwork and turned it into beer bottle labels for a limited series of "Partibrejkers" beer.
Billy Idol by ubegovic
Billy Idol
A quickie of Billy Idol... Went to a Billy Idol show last week in my hometown Belgrade, Serbia.
Walking Dead by ubegovic
Walking Dead
Fifteen characters from the AMC's "Walking Dead", mostly Season 1-3. I started working on this fan-art in October 2013 after I started watching the show. Was working on it on and off in my spare time throughout 2014. During the work process, as I added characters and fiddled with the layout, the size of the file grew until the document eventually reached 11.000px in height at full zoom!!! Every character was rendered individually and can be moved around the picture, that's why the completion lasted for so long. I posted some of those individual shots in my Tumblr post.
Lt. Col. Slobodan Peric ''Buca'' by ubegovic
Lt. Col. Slobodan Peric ''Buca''

When I was 15, back in 1999, the United States led NATO into bombing Serbia (Yugoslavia) for 78 days. This was the first time bombs fell on this country since Nazis occupied it in 1941. To us, regular folks, it was a surreal experience mainly because Serbia was always an ally, both in WWI and II, and later on was among the founding members of the UN. Located in Eastern Europe, during the Cold War it successfully kept a fragile balance and was neither member of the Western nor Eastern block.

Being a military aviation fan since childhood, this air campaign called “Allied Force” (whose real goal, to be honest, was a secession of Kosovo Province from Serbia) was very interesting to me. During the 78-day war, regime propaganda fed us with daily reports of our brave troops taking down NATO aircraft (they did shoot down a F-117 stealth jet which was pretty cool, though) and afterwards even declared a “victory over NATO”. But in reality, facts on air combat were very vague. It was only in the years following the downfall of Milošević’s rule in 2000 that the public started learning the truth! Yugoslav Air Force met its NATO adversary (1030+ planes) with only 14 modern fighter aircraft – the Soviet-built MiG-29 purchased in 1987. But the years of embargo imposed upon Yugoslavia in the 90's, lack of fuel, flight hours and spare parts combined with general ignorance of military officials left those sophisticated machines in a poor state. Yet, each of those MiG pilots (some of them not being ethnic Serbs, even) loyal not to the regime that considered them expendable, but to its people - climbed into the cockpits of those half-operational jets with nothing but their pure hearts, knowing very well they are about to embark on a mission from which they may never come back. Some of them did not, indeed.

After the democracy broke out in 2000, the new set of Serbian politicians made peace with NATO, so many of those honorable men were discharged - for they were an unpleasant remainder of an era better forgotten. Retired and with Serbian economy in ruins, many of them turned to odd-jobs as security/night guards, bakers, working at car washes, etc. I though it was an outright shame and those stories were so inspirational to me, I started gathering info on those MiG-29 combat sorties having an idea for a comic book or a series of illustrations. I watched a couple of documentaries, TV appearances, went through books and magazine articles, visited aviation forum threads… Started taking notes, I put most of the pieces together. Now, I’m bringing these stories to you. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have creating them!

The 2009 interview with colonel Perić broadcast on Serbian National TV (no subtitles or dubs, so it's of interest to Serbian/Croatian speaking folks only):…
He seemed like a really nice and down-to-earth guy.

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